Professionalism is not an option, it is a must


Professionalism can be difficult to define because it’s about so many things. It’s not just about knowing how to do a job well, it’s about attitude, behavior, and how you present yourself and represent your company. It’s demonstrating a willingness to learn, working collaboratively with others, and living up to commitments. It’s also about avoiding the kinds of behaviors that cause trouble in the workplace, like gossip, negativity, and one-upmanship.

A professional is open to the views of others and the possibility that there might be a better way – they are not threatened by the good ideas of others. They make decisions based on the best interest of the company. They are fair and treat everyone with respect, even people they do not particularly like. Professionals evaluate their own performance, have high expectations of themselves and others and constantly strive to improve.

At Iridia, we don’t just ask for professionalism, we expect it of everyone, at every level of our business. We expect people to live up to their commitments, to treat people with respect, to be skilled at what they do, to do their work well and with enthusiasm, to give 100% to their work, and to represent our company with pride and integrity. Is it a lot to ask? Sure. Is it an option to be any other way? Not according to this core value!

Professionalism is what sets one person, one company, apart from another. We want to be known for having high expectations in this area, and for delivering to our customers and to each other, the very best of ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Professionalism is not an option, it is a must

  1. Spot on! I stumbled upon this when looking for inspiration in recruiting for service staff in my restaurant. I have since printed your article and shared it with my entire staff!

    As a restaurant owner who tries to instill the importance of professionalism in (and value of!) every person in every level of our organization, I continue to be struck by how many opportunities exist for employees and employers to make this a priority not only in how they operate but in making it a deeper, more solid element of the business’s culture. Believing that a particular job is less important, or less prestigious than an employee thinks they should be doing can unfortunately become one of the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving the highest level of professionalism. However, the tagline of your graphic addressed this beautifully…”it’s not the job you do, it’s how you do the job!”

    Great article! Thank you!

    • Wow, thank you for the great feedback Kate! And I agree, there is plenty of opportunity to instill professionalism, however as far as values go, professionalism is often overlooked. I think this is due to the difficulty in measuring it (the same applies to honesty). It’s more of a feeling than anything, and that’s why incorporating it into culture at every level is so important.

      Thanks again,


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