Iridia Walks Around the World

The past four weeks have been full of excitement, challenges and friendly office competition at Iridia. In three teams of seven, our employees have been working hard to “step around the world” while competing against thirty-seven thousand teams in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).

The GCC is an online program that engages people in getting more active. The goal is for every participant to work up to 10,000 steps a day – learn more about GCC, or check out our first GCC blog.

Global Corporate Challenge

With Stage 1 of the GCC behind us, we can sit back and reflect. Our first month has been a smash in many ways. We’ve smashed through personal barriers. We’ve smashed our perceptions of what we were capable of doing. And we’ve had a smashing good time doing it!

In four weeks, the Iridia teams have managed to put together an impressive array of stats – including a combined total of 8.6 million steps.

For more detailed stats, have a look at Iridia’s Stage 1 Global Corporate Challenge Progress Report:

GCC Stats

Here’s to the next four smashing weeks of walking, biking and swimming our way to health – and good luck to our three teams: Blue Steel, The Red Striding Hoods and Gold Karats