The Iridia Mobile Medical Unit – A Hospital On Wheels

Mobile Medical Unit (mmu)

This past January, Iridia was asked to provide a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to one of our northern camps.  A Mobile Medical Unit is a hospital on wheels; it offers the mobility of an ambulance with the modern day amenities of a hospital. This was new territory for us – we had never undertaken a venture like this before, but the excitement of leading an innovative project like this spurred us act quickly.

The Iridia MMU had to be built and delivered by the middle of March in order to utilize a volatile ice bridge that typically collapses due to increased temperature in early April.  Luckily the Iridia team acted quickly and the winter weather held out longer than expected! – the MMU arrived on time with two weeks to spare!

The MMU was born out of the need for enhanced on-site medical treatment options for remote out and gas camps.  Some of the medical needs and logistical challenges in remote camps include:

  • Harsh working conditions commonly resulting in a variety of injuries and illnesses
  • Lacerations, eye foreign bodies, and low back strains often require the patient to undergo a trip of several hours so they can be seen by a doctor
  • During certain times of the year, evacuation of emergency and non-emergency cases can be impossible due to the weather conditions which then require the patient to remain in camp for extended periods of time

The Iridia MMU overcomes these challenges by providing camp staff with 24 hour access to a physician, ultimately making their day-to-day lives more comfortable and safer.  Alongside general medical care, the MMU will also enable physicians to deliver long-term health and wellness programs to camp staff.

The Iridia MMU is one of only two mobile hospitals in British Columbia.  The other MMU was built to support the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  The Iridia MMU features many of the amenities of a modern urgent care clinic.  

Mobile Medical Unit Features

Mobile Medical Unit (mmu)

The Iridia MMU will be deployed initially at one of the most remote oil and gas camps in BC for the next 2 years.  During this time, it will provide not only enhanced care for our patients but also a research opportunity to study how this care model can impact the health and wellness of this population.  


View more images of the Iridia MMU here

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Founded in 1998 by Dr. Allan Holmes, Iridia Medical became an instant pioneer in the implementation of AEDs in British Columbian workplaces.  Our initial experiences in deploying AEDs expanded into medical education, consulting and paramedic services. We’re now one of Canada’s leading companies in the area of health and emergency preparedness and one of the fastest growing private companies in British Columbia.


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