Making Defibrillation More Accessible: The BC AED Registry

When someone collapses during a cardiac emergency, every second counts. How you respond can make all of the difference. The good news is that you now have increased chances of getting help sooner. The BC PAD Program in collaboration with the BC Ambulance Service have launched the BC AED Registry, a repository for businesses and organizations to register their Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to be publicly accessible in emergency situations.

AED Registry

The AED Registry is a service which enables 911 dispatchers to identify the location of the nearest AED registered in the database. The dispatcher will then instruct the person on site to have someone retrieve the device and begin CPR.

Laurie Lowes, Manager of Health and Safety at London Drugs has been a major proponent of the AED Registry in BC. “We were the first retailer to place AEDs in all of our retail stores in 2009 and now we’ve added the AEDs to the registry, it was the right thing to do. At the end of the day, it’s not just about serving customers, it’s about saving lives.” With this, over 1,000 of their staff have been trained in CPR and are prepared to respond to emergency situations if they arise.London Drugs AEDs - AED Registry

Along with London Drugs, Iridia Medical has been a strong supporter of the AED Registry. “The launch of the AED Registry is a critical link in the chain of survival that can potentially save more lives in our communities” says Dr. Allan Holmes, founder of Iridia Medical.

In 2013 alone, the BCEHS responded to 3,068 cardiac arrests. Sudden Cardiac Arrests are the leading cause of non-accident deaths among British Columbians. Along with the registry, the provincial government and Heart and Stroke foundation are working to have 750 defibrillators installed throughout the province.

Organizations that received an AED from the BC PAD Program have already had their devices added to the BC AED Registry. If you have a business or organization which has an AED near a public area, you can register your device through the BC PAD Website.

We’ve created a convenient registration guide for people wishing to sign up. Download it here.

Any client who has purchased an AED from Iridia Medical can reach out if they are in need of device specific information for registering their device.

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