Celebrate Iridia Day for a Chance to Win a Harbor Air Voucher!

For 77 Blog1Iridia Medical has achieved great success becoming one of the countries Fastest Growing Companies and today, on the 7th day of the 7th month, we want to honor our brand and the people behind it. We invite you to celebrate Iridia day with us, by showing us how well you know the Iridia team, you will be eligible to win a $100 Harbor Air Gift Voucher!

Harbour Air

First let’s start with a few things we do know

  1. Our Vancouver based headquarters is affectionately named the “Iridiaplex”
  2. Working together to Enable Peace of Mind are our four divisions; Healthcare Consulting, Remote Care Services, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Solutions and Medical Education
  3. In 2013 the company re-branded and the name Iridia was born, a variant of Iridium, the 77th element in the Periodic Table
  4. Iridia’s Mobile Medical Unit (I-MASH) was the first big initiative under the new brand, offering remote work camps the mobility of an ambulance with the modern day amenities of a hospital
  5. Iridia and the SCA Division are a key partner in two public access to defibrillation (PAD) programs – the BC Heart and Stroke PAD Program and the National AED Program Federal Initiative
  6. In British Columbia, Iridia Medical is the leading provider of ongoing cardiac care education
  7. Iridians are amongst 1.5 million people participating in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC)!

Now, let’s see how well you know the people behind Iridia’s success

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The highly innovative team of individuals brings a wealth of knowledge and dynamic skills to the table, but do you know who prefers their greens over grits or who hails from the land down under? To commemorate Iridia Day, we challenge you to go behind the brand and test your Iridian knowledge for a chance to win big, and we’re talking BHAG big! By answering 7 out of 7 questions correctly your name will be entered in a draw to win a $100 Harbor Air Gift Voucher!

Think you got what it takes?

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Contest Rules and Regulations

Entry limited to one per person.  Must be over 18 years of age. Contest closes in 7 days. Winner announced on July 14, 2015. Although we welcome and encourage Iridia Medical staff to participate, your ballot will not be eligible for the prize draw.


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