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Why Sell the Kits Online?

We elected to sell the kit online with the goal of removing existing barriers for those wanting access to Naloxone. The kits are offered for sale through a simple online shopping cart. No hassles, no probing questions. We simply want everyone to have access to this potentially life-saving tool.

Why Nasal?

The biggest reason for using nasal delivery is that it eliminates anxiety on the part of the rescuer thanks to the absence of needles.  By removing anxiety, the hope is that more people will be comfortable responding to people in need.

Also, without needles involved, needle injury is eliminated as a possibility and no additional needles are introduced into the community.

Is Nasal as effective as Intramuscular (IM) Needle-Based Delivery?

Several studies show that nasal naloxone is as effective as IM delivery, a factor contributing to the US FDA’s approval of Narcan for sale in the US and Health Canada’s similar decision.

Who are the Nasal Naloxone Kits for?

Given its ease of use, Nasal Naloxone is usable by  everyone. Whether you are a concerned parent, a friend of a user, or struggling with addiction yourself, having the  nasal kits available offers a tool for use in an opioid emergency.

What if the person is not breathing?

It is a common misconception that a patient has to be breathing in order for nasal medications such as Nasal Naloxone to work. In fact, the nose has a rich blood supply that allows medications to enter the bloodstream directly through the nasal mucosa (the lining of the nasal cavity). Medications, such as Nasal Naloxone, are administered in the form of a mist and begin to enter the bloodstream immediately upon contact with the nasal mucosa. Thus, Nasal Naloxone can effectively reverse the effects of an opioid overdose regardless of whether or not a patient is breathing.

Where should I place this kit?

The kit is designed to be compact and discrete. The kit can be placed in any easily accessible location that is comfortable for you. This could be a purse or backpack, a common household area, office space or public venue. We do suggest avoiding placing the kit in a car or outside as the recommended storing temperature is between 15°C and 25°C.

Why are the Nasal Naloxone kits $200 each?

Our kits are more expensive than other kits available due to the inclusion of Nasal Naloxone.  We use the Narcan brand of Naloxone, and its manufacturer, Adapt, has set a notably more expensive price to reflect that the nasal delivery system is more sophisticated when compared to the liquid form of the drug.

While more expensive, we feel that the benefits of our kits (easier to use, no risk of needle injury, no needles introduced into the community) outweigh the additional costs.

Is Nasal Naloxone Easy to Use?

Yes, please see below to learn how.

Naloxone Instructions V2

If I buy a kit, will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes. Iridia guarantees full anonymity with every order of Nasal Naloxone. We will never disclose personal or transactional information associated with a purchase.


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