Iridia Day 2017

Iridia Day Email

Iridia Day 2017 is approaching! On July 7th, 2017 we will be celebrating our company identity, brand, mission and vision. As you may know, our name Iridia is derived from element 77 on the periodic table, Iridium. Iridium is a durable metal that connects with other metals to form alloys. It’s quite rare and is used as a standard measurement of weight. These traits exemplify our company DNA and what we achieve through enabling peace of mind for those responding to medical emergencies.

To celebrate this day, we are giving away an AED! We hope this will raise awareness surrounding Sudden Cardiac Arrests in the public and encourage individuals to be proactive about SCAs.

For more information on how to enter our contest read our previous blog post, AED Giveaway Terms & Conditions 2017 or visit our facebook page.