AED Giveaway 2017: The Martin Family Wins Our Annual Giveaway

Tessa with CR2
Our annual AED Giveaway occurred on July 7, 2017 coinciding with Iridia Day.  Leading up to the event we had people from all over Canada submit their stories and photos.  It was a tough decision, but we shortlisted four candidates who the public then voted on to determine the winner.  We were blown away by the engagement from the communities and the support that was shown!  After a week of voting, it was clear the Martin Family was the winner as they gained over 90% of the votes.

Sherri and Matt have a daughter named Tessa.  She is only nine years old and was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot.  She has dreams of becoming a professional gymnast, so her parents are worried about the stress this might cause to her heart.  Her doctors fully support the activity as it helps make Tessa healthy and strong both mentally and physically.  Having an AED with them at the gymnastics club gives them peace of mind to let their daughter pursue her dreams in a safe environment.

“She is a fighter who has been through so much and we are fighting for her to have a normal, active and fun childhood, free of adult worries,” Sherri Martin says.  “She has become quite the gymnast and is going to be monitored as they watch her competitive gymnastics journey unfold.   Her cardiologists say her gymnastics is keeping her healthy, happy and strong!  With her intense training schedule we now have the peace of mind to know she, as well as any other person around her is protected by this precious gift that you graciously donated”

Iridia Medical is touched by the Martin Family’s story and we wish Tessa the best as she continues to pursue her gymnastics dream and live her life worry-fee.

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