Yesterday we posted about IAADS, Iridia’s AED Drone Delivery Service, and we promised you an update today.

Well, here it is: Happy April Fool’s Day!

While IAADS isn’t quite ready today, we have reason to believe such a service isn’t too far off. Here’s why we think that:

• Intel was able to set the Guinness World Record for 1,218 unmanned drones flying at once and in coordinated fashion (https://newsroom.intel.com/…/Intel-Olympics-Drone-Fact-Shee…).
• Flirtey (https://www.flirtey.com/) and TU Delft (https://www.tudelft.nl/…/rese…/applied-labs/ambulance-drone/) are drone delivery services that exist today! Both are still early on in development, but will likely advance quickly.

So, if we combine these ideas, add an abundance of planning, logistics, and elbow grease, we think it is possible.

Developments like IAADS will potentially shape the survivability of SCAs in the future, as time is of the essence, and survival odds decrease by 10% with each passing minute.