Iridia Dresses Up for Jersey Day

Jersey Day

What is Jersey Day?

Friday, November 29 was a national day to show love and support for sport by wearing a jersey, team or club uniform to work. From municipal council chambers to office buildings and classrooms across the nation, the RBC Sports Day in Canada envisioned a sea of Canadians wearing their hearts on their sleeves on national Jersey Day.

This national celebration of sport, from grassroots to high-performance, was an opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate the power of sport, build community and national spirit, and facilitate healthy living.

Iridia on Jersey Day

When we first heard about Jersey Day, the Iridia team threw the gauntlet down and jumped right in – proudly showing our support. We’re passionate about our teamwork (it’s one of our core values after all), and we knew Jersey Day would offer a great opportunity to have fun and show some team spirit!

We were also very keen to support Jersey Day as it ties in to something very important to us – public access to defibrillation. There are millions of sports fans and players in Canada and every one of them is susceptible to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). We want to help raise awareness of SCA, and Jersey Day is one of the ways we’re spreading the word.

As of October 2013, Iridia has been working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada on a National PAD Program designed to bring Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to arenas and recreational facilities across Canada.


The National PAD Program

In April 2012, the Federal Government of Canada announced its commitment to saving lives with AEDs by increasing access to these life-saving devices in hockey arenas and recreation centres across Canada. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is leading this unprecedented initiative, representing the largest application process for AED funding in Canada’s history. The National PAD Program will help to improve the heart safety of communities across Canada with a targeted placement of 3,000 AEDs and the training of 30,000 people in how to use AEDs. Iridia is a key distributor of AEDs for this Program and we are proud to be involved with this life-saving initiative.

Using an AED is the only way to treat SCA, a killer of up to 40,000 Canadians each year. Unlike a heart attack, SCA does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Survival depends on delivering a shock from an AED within the first few minutes of suffering an SCA. Coupling the early use of an AED with quality CPR can raise survival rates up to 75%.



Learn more about the National PAD Program and head over to AED for MVP – a site to help facilities around the country implement their AED programs. Having an AED will make you an MVP.

Learn why you need access to an AED here.