Innovation in Allergic Treatment

The bout against allergic reactions just got a whole lot easier with a new breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector design for Allergic Treatment.

For those with severe life-threatening allergic reactions, the Auvi-Q is a huge leap forward and has recently been approved by the FDA.

The Future of Allergic Treatment

How is the Auvi-Q different from a traditional auto-injector such as the EpiPen? The main advantages are the audio and visual cues. The Auvi-Q is the first voice-guided auto-injector; guiding users through every step of the injection process.

Auvi Q auto injector - Allergic Treatment

The Auvi-Q also sports a very slim profile that fits in a pocket or small purse. It is about the size of a credit card and no thicker than the average cell phone.

Along with a cutting edge design, the Auvi-Q has a retractable needle mechanism designed to help prevent accidental needle sticks after injection, the manufacturer states.

At Iridia, we support the advancement of medical technologies such as the Auvi-Q, as they give laypersons and medical professionals the tools to act swiftly in case of emergency.

Currently, the EMR protocol Iridia is working on with select fire departments around British Columbia involves the administration of traditional epinephrine auto-injectors. While these devices are very useful in treating anaphylaxis when first responders arrive at the scene, it would be ideal to have patients administer the dose themselves upon first identification of an allergic reaction. This is the goal of the Auvi-Q.

According to the manufacturer, approximately two thirds of patients and caregivers do not always carry their epinephrine auto-injector as recommended, and nearly half worry that others will not know how to use their device during an emergency.

Auvi Q

“The audio feature of this device is certainly unique,” Dr. Bassett added. “We are really looking forward to such a device in the allergy community. My hope is that the device will penetrate into the market of those individuals who do not currently carry an auto-injector with them.”

With the future of auto-injectors looking like the Auvi-Q injector, persons with severe allergic reactions will have the best treatment possible.

The product will be commercially available sometime after November 15 2012. Learn more about the Auvi-Q