Innovation Corner – Camtasia


Every month, the whole Iridia team gets together or Skype’s in for a staff meeting. During the meeting, we discuss a variety of topics from our diverse organization. For the past 11 months we have added a new topic to the agenda – The Innovation Corner.

Innovation is one of our eight core values at Iridia, values we strive to live every day. It’s one thing to say “hey, innovation is a corporate value of ours,” but it’s another to live it.

We are always keeping our sharp eyes on the lookout; finding creative ways to fit pieces together. In order to “fit pieces together,” we need to do things more efficiently and, if possible, with the use of new tools.

A message from our vice president – what is the Innovation Corner?

“The Innovation Corner is a brief (5 min.) section of the agenda dedicated to the introduction of a story, a tool, a concept, or anything else that might spur on innovation within our team.  Anyone can lay claim to the Innovation Corner in upcoming meetings, and thereby use it to share an innovative find they have come across.

This effort has already brought forward tools that have been put to immediate use in our business operations.  In seeing how these insights have made a difference for us, we’ve decided to take time out and share them with a broader audience.”


This past Monday, we profiled a unique tool called Camtasia. Camtasia is a program that allows you to screen capture video with ease.

Capture, edit, save and then publish. Camtasia has it all.

Have you ever tried to walk someone through a troubleshooting process over the phone? It’s painful. With Camtasia, capture a video of the steps yourself, edit the video, save it and then send it to user, or upload it to YouTube.

Capturing, editing and publishing video can sound scary, but with Camtasia it’s easy. No training required to use this program. In no time you will be creating interactive videos for product demo’s, creating video for your blog, or troubleshooting staff from afar.


Interested? Head over the TechSmith and give it a 30-day trial run, for free.

Stay tuned, as we will be updating you with all the unique and innovative tools we use around Global.