First Aid Training Dangerously Low

A new poll conducted for the Red Cross reveals that Canadians are unprepared to perform first aid in a medical emergency.

First Aid Training

First Aid Training – The Good News

The majority of Canadians feel will recognize the signs of a life-threatening health emergency such as Choking, Heart Attack or Cardiac Emergency, Heat Emergency, Anaphylactic Shock and Concussion.

First Aid Training – The Bad News

While nearly 98 percent of Canadians say knowing how to perform first aid is important, 82 percent did not take a first aid course within the last three years.

First aid training

It is not enough to recognize the signs of a medical emergency; we need to be able to act.

Currently, only a small portion (18 percent) of Canadians have their first aid training certification and many believe they do not possess the skills needed to save lives when an emergency happens.

 “Although 68 percent of Canadians say they can recognize the signs of a life-threatening health emergency, like choking or cardiac arrest, less than half believe they have the skills to provide life-saving basic first aid,” summarizes Don Marentette, national manager of first aid programs with the Canadian Red Cross.

“The Red Cross believes lapsed training and Canadians’ low confidence in their ability to save a life are directly related, and pose a risk in emergencies.”

Nearly 40 percent of Canadians reported they have had to perform first aid in an emergency situation. In 22 percent of these cases, first aid was performed on a family member.

First Aid Training

Even though Canadians are more likely to use first aid skills to save the life of a loved one than anyone else, there is a significant gap between Canadians’ perception of the importance of taking a first aid course, and actually taking one.

For more information, please see the Red Cross Polling Information

With the high likelihood that we will all have to perform CPR on a loved one at some point during our lives, we should all be taking the necessary steps to be prepared.

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