A CPR Save In Our Own Backyard

Iridia wants to recognize Kelsey (daughter of Iridia’s HR Manager, Ingrid Vaughan), for receiving a Civic Service Award from the Victoria Police Department for performing life-saving CPR on a friend who had stopped breathing and had no vital signs. While Kelsey was not trained in CPR, she quickly called 911 and with the help of the dispatcher, was able to follow CPR instructions until police arrived on the scene.

At the Award ceremony on October 2nd, the media asked Constable Sean Millard, who assisted Kelsey at the scene, why the Police Department chose her for this award. He said that her willingness to get involved, quick thinking in the face of trauma, working with the dispatcher to correctly perform CPR without any training, and her ability to step away once help arrived and calmly assist the officers with gathering vital information on the incident, made her an exceptional individual.

Civic Service Award from the Victoria Police

Kelsey is joined by Constable Sean Millard (left) and Chief Constable Jamie Graham (right)

This event underscores the importance of being prepared with CPR for emergency situations, but also the call to action for citizens who come upon situations like this, to do what they can to help.

Kelsey’s actions saved the life of a 25 year old woman and we’re proud of her for acting decisively in an emergency with the very best version of herself.

Watch a news clip from the ceremony here.