Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) on its Way to Vancouver

Founded in 1984 as a non-profit geared toward bringing together people form the worlds of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, TED is truly a unique experience devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Learn more about TED here.


Last year the team here at Iridia was ecstatic that we were able to tap into the live stream for the 2012 TED event. For four days last February, staff were invited to tune in and watch TED talks in real time, a first time for all Iridia employees. As part of our TED Live membership, we joined the TED Books, giving us access to even more inspiring thoughts and ideas from authors specifically chosen around last year’s TED theme.

Here’s what some of our staff had to say about the live streaming event:

  • “I thought it was great! I got to see things I normally wouldn’t have been able to.”
  • “I had never heard about TED before. Now that I have seen it, I have been missing out!”
  • “TED was a really great experience. I enjoyed learning about new subjects.”
  • “My only gripe is that I wish the talks were longer!”

It’s no wonder then that we are excited to hear that the 30-year-old conference, which has called California home since its inception, is moving to Vancouver in 2014. Yes, you heard that right. It was announced in early February that the prestigious event will be calling Vancouver home in 2014-2015.

Why move?

TED 2014 Vancouver

Here’s what TED had to say:

We’ve had five wonderful years in Long Beach, but for the anniversary conference, we want to try a new space. And we found it in Vancouver, a city that’s itself an inspiration — cosmopolitan, energetic, innovative, yet with unrivaled natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and water. The recently completed convention center is a truly spectacular meeting space offering limitless possibilities in a beautiful, peaceful corner of the city. We’re not moving to accommodate more people — in fact we’re slightly reducing audience size. We just think we’ve found a venue that can do even more to inspire creative thinking and dynamic ideas.

“We looked at a lot of cities in the U.S, especially on the west coast. In Vancouver, we found a special combination of things we didn’t find anywhere else and it got us really excited. It is a combination of an amazing city which is reflective of the values people hold. There is a feeling of looking forward, a commitment to excellence, of innovation and sustainability. Just a bustling energy, which is thrilling,” says Chris Anderson, TED curator.

The Impact

Vancouver Convention Centre

The potential deal was kept so secret that not even Mayor Gregor Robertson was told about it until a week before the announcement, when the final details were worked out.

Robertson says he can’t think of a better fit for Vancouver’s emerging image as a global city of thinkers, and he wants to take ideas that come out of the conference and put them to use here.

“I’ve been on a quest to land a premier world event in Vancouver for several years,” he said. “Our interests stem from the huge global exposure of TED and Vancouver’s brand, which is something we’ve been cultivating for some time. This is a great boost, particularly around big ideas and turning them into action.”

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