Innovation Corner – Chrome Web Store

What’s the Innovation Corner?

Every month, the Iridia team gets together for a staff meeting. During the meeting, we discuss a variety of topics from our diverse organization. One object on the agenda is “The Innovation Corner”.

Chrome Web Store

Innovation is one of our eight core values at Iridia, values we strive to live every day. It’s one thing to say “innovation is a corporate value of ours,” but it’s another to live it.

We are always keeping our sharp eyes on the lookout; finding creative ways to fit the pieces together. In order to “fit pieces together,” we need to do things more efficiently and, if possible, with the use of new tools.

The Innovation Corner is a brief (5 min.) section of the agenda dedicated to the introduction of a story, a tool, a concept, or anything else that might spur on innovation within our team.  Anyone can lay claim to the Innovation Corner in upcoming meetings, and thereby use it to share an innovative find they have come across.

“This effort has already brought forward tools that have been put to immediate use in our business operations.  In seeing how these insights have made a difference for us, we’ve decided to take time out and share them with a broader audience.” – Iridia President

Chrome Web Store

chrome web store

This week Innovation Corner focused on The Chrome Web Store – an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps for the Google Chrome browser.

The Store works much like the app stores you are used to on your Smartphone, ie: Apple App Store & Google Play.

Through the Store, you can search through thousands of nifty programs that are built right into your web experience. These programs come in three flavours: apps, extensions and themes.


Web apps are advanced interactive websites. They may provide a wide-ranging set of features or focus on a single task like photo-editing or shopping.

Example: Do – the app that helps you manage your tasks.



Extensions let you add new features to your browser. For example: One extension automatically translates a web page into any language, another allows you to add  a contextual grammar and spell checker, correcting up to ten times more than regular proofreading software.

Example: Evernote Clearly


With one click, Clearly makes blog posts and articles clean and easy to read. Clearly eliminates all distractions from your online reading experience, and even allows you to browse multi-page articles in one, seamless view.


Themes allow you to you customize the look and feel of your browser, including themes from leading artists and designers around the world.

The Chrome Web Store can be a powerful business tool. I recommend everyone give it a try, you may just stumble on a tool you that will change your web experience.