Greatness Within Reach for Iridia?

Greatness Within Reach

As we continue to build the Iridia brand, we are always on the lookout for pearls of wisdom that will aid us in building the best company that we possibly can.  One authority to whom we turn for inspiration is Jim Collins, author of must-have business books Built to Last and Good to Great.  Collins has made a career of studying the world’s best companies.  He analyses and dissects them to identify exactly what makes them tick.

To Collins, a great company is rare find indeed, as it must meet a very specific set of criteria.  In the June edition of Inc. magazine, Collins discloses that greatness according to him is characterized by:

  • Superior Performance,
  • A Distinctive Impact, and
  • Endurance.

At Iridia, we have always pushed ourselves to be the best that we can be.  But can we be great, is greatness within reach?  Can we be Jim Collins great?  Let’s explore!

Superior Performance

Last year Iridia was fortunate enough to find itself being one of the province’s Top 100 Fastest Growing companies.  Although last year was the first we entered the competition, similar levels of growth have been observed at Iridia for some time, including a span of years that included some very tumultuous economic times. 

Greatness Within Reach

If we stay true to our focused strategy, continue to practice principles of fiscal responsibility, there is no reason we can’t maintain current levels of performance.

Distinctive Impact

The article describes this criteria as the George Bailey phenomenon.  More specifically, if a company closed up shop tomorrow, would anyone truly feel the impact?  Would a void be left as was the case when a future without It’s a Wonderful Life’s Bailey Savings and Loan was foretold in the movie? Or would life simply carry on without missing a beat?

While we certainly cannot compare ourselves to George Bailey and what his company did for the community of Bedford Falls, we’d like to think our absence would be noted.  We have worked hard to provide a supportive and rewarding work environment that empowers employees to make a difference in their roles with us.  

In our consulting work, we pride ourselves on removing barriers and limitations that prevent practical, effective health solutions to come forward. Our paramedic services provide unique and specialized care to remote workers that would not otherwise have access to such services. Our AED programs make workplaces safer and our educational services help ensure that our healthcare worker have access to quality education.

While we still have much growth yet to do, we think an argument exists to suggest that our absence would be felt.


At 14 years young this year, we have only just started the equivalent of our business ultra-marathon. That said, we have already weathered many endurance challenges. Economic downturns, competition, changing legislation, and team member turnover have all reared their ugly heads.  Thus far, we have been resilient.  With a diversified portfolio of offerings and an eye toward continued improvement and evolution in all that we do, our prospects for longevity appear strong.

Greatness Within Reach

So, while we do not have a crystal ball, it is our hope that indeed greatness is attainable for the Iridia.

Stay tuned……