Looking Back on our First Year as Iridia Medical

Brand Launch

This month marks a very special anniversary in our company’s history – being one year since we re-branded from Global Medical Services to Iridia Medical. 

Many of you lived some of that journey with us as we shared with you the triumphs and challenges associated with changing to a new brand identity and bringing that identity to life through new marketing materials, a new website and Social Media presence, new building signage, documents, email addresses, and so on.  The sheer amount of work involved in the re-brand was staggering and could not have been achieved without the collective efforts of the Iridia team and others with whom we engaged throughout the journey. 

So what has our first year as Iridia Medical involved?

We kicked off our year under our new brand with the deployment of our Mobile Medical Unit into a remote oil and gas camp in Northeastern BC.  This has been one of our most innovative projects to date and is an industry first in British Columbia. It allows ill and injured workers in these remote camps to receive, in many cases, definitive medical care which enables them to stay in camp and avoid the hazards of transport to another medical facility; particularly at certain times of the year when extreme weather conditions can make emergency evacuation close to impossible.

We also saw Iridia named as a key partner in two public access to defibrillation (PAD) programs – the BC Heart and Stroke PAD Program and the National AED Program Federal Initiative. The BC initiative will see 450 AEDs and associated training delivered to communities throughout BC.  The national program will see a targeted 3,000 AEDs distributed to recreational facilities, mostly arenas, across the country.  The initiative will also see 30,000 people trained in the use of AEDs.  Iridia is a key distributor for each of these programs and we are proud to be involved with these life-saving initiatives.

In recognition of the growth we have achieved in the past few years, Iridia was again named one of Business in Vancouver’s top 100 fastest growing companies for the third year running.  We were also proud to have been included in PROFIT Magazine’s list of Canada’s Top 500 Growing Companies for 2013. 

Finally, our commitment to health and wellness continued throughout the year with, most notably, our participation in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  This program is designed to “get the world moving” and that is, in fact, what occurred with 37,432 teams (that’s 262,000 people!) from around the world participating in the 2013 GCC program.  21 of Iridia’s staff participated and some incredible accomplishments were achieved during the 4 months of the program.

Our First Year

The above highlights are just a select few of the key accomplishments we’ve achieved during our first year as Iridia Medical which has certainly been an exciting and action-packed one!  Looking forward, we are energized by the goals we have set for ourselves including expanding our remote medical services program both within and beyond BC, and building on our education and AED programs.  Stay tuned for more!



Looking Back On a Whirlwind Year

With the start of August and another fiscal year now behind us, we at Iridia will be taking some time out to reflect on both what we’ve achieved and learned during the previous 12 months.

While we will be reflecting on the activities and achievements for each department, there are 2 company accolades that were awarded during the year of which we’re both proud and humbled – they are the acknowledgements we’ve received by both PROFIT Magazine and Business in Vancouver for the growth we’ve achieved over the past few years.

Business in vancouver Fastest Growing

Early in our fiscal year, we learned that we had made it onto Business in Vancouver’s list of Top 100 Fastest Growing companies for 2012, the second year running that we found ourselves on this list.  We were thrilled to not only have made it onto this list but to have also moved up the rankings.  We’re definitely moving the business in the right direction and achieving some of the targets we set for ourselves!

Then, in June of this year, we learned that PROFIT Magazine ranked Iridia No. 245 on the 25th annual PROFIT 500!  This is the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and is determined by assessing businesses on their revenue growth over 5 years.  We share our place on this list with some of Canada’s most successful, entrepreneurial and innovative companies.  We value this honour and the recognition that has resulted from it but, more importantly, we value the opportunities we will have to connect with others who are on a similar journey and benefit from their collective experiences.

Fastest Growing Companies

We want to thank the Iridia team who has tirelessly supported each one of the initiatives we’ve undertaken over the years across each of our 4 service lines.  While it may sound like an over-used expression, our achievements would not have been possible without their dedicated efforts. As a result of these efforts, we can count the following accomplishments as some of our most notable in each of our service areas:

  • PARAMEDICS: Becoming one of B.C.’s largest private employers of paramedics and owner of B.C.’s first privately-owned Mobile Medical Unit, currently stationed in Northern B.C. 
  • AEDS: Installing over 1,700 AED programs across a broad spectrum of industries and becoming a key supplier for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. & Yukon’s Public Access to Defibrillation Program
  • EDUCATION: Providing certification and training of 30,000+ healthcare professionals (ACLS, PALS, CIW, etc.) and lay rescuers (BLS, AED) since 1998
  • CONSULTING: Gaining recognition as a provincial leader in physician engagement consulting services as well as providing advocacy & support for a majority of B.C.’s fire rescue departments

So, what’s in store for Iridia for the next fiscal year?  As with previous years, we have set some lofty goals for where we want to take the business and what we want to achieve.  The team is already making significant in-roads into accomplishing these goals and we are excited about the year ahead!  Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with us!


Reflections from the Profit 500 CEO Summit

When Robert Herjavec, of Dragon’s Den / Shark Tank fame, was starting out in business, rumor has it that he had the following two goals:

  1. To survive, and
  2. To make the Profit 500 – the exclusive ranking of Canada’s fastest growing companies

Profit 500

That says something about the accomplishment of making the Profit 500 list, namely that it is a lofty goal to shoot for. This year, the Iridia team found itself on that list. 

One of the benefits of making the Profit 500 is the opportunity to attend the CEO Summit in Toronto. I was fortunate enough to have a schedule that allowed for my attendance, and I must say, the experience was fantastic. 

Without a doubt, Ian Portsmouth and his team, the Publishers and Editors of the list, hosted an exceptional event.  

The day was packed with talks, breakout events, and by the time all was said and done, it was a lengthy affair.  

Highlights of the day included:

  • A speech by Ryan Wilson of the CEO Global Network who walked the group through the ideal characteristics of a CEO.   
  • An address by Bruce Croxol, of Lava Life/Dragon’s Den fame, whose  down to earth messaging was both humourous and practical.
  • Informative sessions on Mergers and Acquisitions, effective use of Social Media, and key indicators to watch for the Canadian economy. 
  • The Ideas Exchange, wherein we sat in small groups and discussed current challenges we are facing and explored potential solutions together. 

But perhaps more than the specific events themselves, it was the collective inspiration offered by those in attendance that provided the greatest reward.   Hearing stories about how business were created,  the challenges they‘ve overcome, etc., reaffirmed on the one hand that enterprises  across the country are facing similar issues, but  on the other hand, that we are also well-equipped to respond to those challenges head on.

This has certainly proven true for the team at Iridia in the past, and as a result, I could not be more enthusiastic about our future.  With a passionate, driven team and a strategic approach to running our business, we look forward to delivering the richest of customer experiences for a long time to come.