The Five Star Hospital

Patients need much more than just medication and skilled treatment in order to get well. At least that is what recent studies have shown. Coupled with patient feedback, there is strong argument hospital architecture and design plays an important role in the healing process.   

The Five Star Hospital

St. Josef Hospital and Pediatric Clinic in Neunkirchen, Germany recently underwent a major overhaul. From the ground up, the hospital has been redesigned to exude comfort and friendliness. Upon entering the foyer of the new facility, patients are welcomed with warm colours and a waiting area containing piano. 

 Five Star Hospital

The stylish atmosphere doesn’t stop there. The rooms have been given a makeover giving the impression one is home in their living room rather than a hospital. Simple items such as curtains and moveable cupboards give patients a sense of balance and control over their environment. Even equipment manufacturers are applying a little comfort to their designs. They believe it is important for the equipment to not only perform well, but also be pleasant to look at.

“The patients say that they immediately feel as though they’re in a five-star hotel,” reports Dr. Ernst Konrad, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine.

It’s not just the patients who are benefiting from the inspiring changes. Doctors and nurses are finding it easier to do their work, and here too the rooms are more comfortable and colorful than those in the previous hospital building. Originating in North America, this trend has been spreading across Europe at a feverish pace. The focus is not only on providing expert medical care but also on creating a feel-good atmosphere.

Are you looking for a decent hospital stay? Well I doubt it… but if you do happen to find yourself in a hospital, you won’t have to look far for comfort. Iridia is currently working with British Columbia’s largest health authority, Fraser Health in developing the new Critical Care Tower at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The $512 million investment is the largest ever in the Province of B.C. in a health care facility.

Similar to St. Josef in Germany, the new Critical Care Tower will focus on delivering a welcoming space to all patients and staff alike.

These artists’ renderings are sure to please the eyes.

Five Star HospitalFive Star Hospital

Stay tuned, as next week we will be posting a full overview of the new Critical Care Tower, the layout, service offerings and timeline for opening.