Canadians or Americans – Healthcare Happiness

Earlier studies (Blendon et al. 1990) have shown the majority of Canadians are content with their healthcare system, while their neighbours in the United States are not.

Healthcare Systems

Why quote a study from 1990?! It couldn’t possibly be relevant now; it seems so very long ago – 22 years in fact! Much has changed in that time. In 1990 you would be hard pressed find someone who knew what the “internet” was.

Well, we have an update for you from a “more recent” study.

Current Healthcare Happiness

The questions is, in the time, when so much has changed in the world, are Canadians still happy with their healthcare systems while Americans are dissatisfied with theirs?

The short answer is “yes.”

The long answer is a resounding “yes.”

As it turns out, Canadians are still mostly satisfied with their healthcare, while Americans are not. The new study shows an average positive score of 63.4 percent for Canadians, ranging between 66.9 percent for Nova Scotia and 61.7 percent for Alberta.

None of the US states surveyed managed to score higher than any of the Canadian provinces surveyed. The top scoring US state of Maryland scored below Alberta at 60.2 percent.

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22 years later, Canadians have reported they enjoy greater confidence in their healthcare system than Americans do… although there is clearly room for improvement on both sides.

Read the study  – New Healthcare Confidence Index

With the recent health care developments in British Columbia and throughout the country, the Canadian healthcare system is only getting better. Have a look at these exciting projects:

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