Our AEDs delivered a shock to the BC Hospitality Expo

BC Hospitality Expo

The results are in; the 2011 BC Hospitality Expo was a great success! Tom and Julie had a blast as they met people from all over the hospitality industry. Fascinated faces looked on as they gave Automated External Defibrillator (AED) demos and enlightened people on sudden cardiac arrest… Apparently our branded pens were a huge hit as well; with some taking a many as they could get their hands on.

Global Medical Services definitely had some “wow!” aimed our way. “People were amazed at how small and portable AEDs are,” said Julie. And it’s true, if you have never seen an AED in action before it will really surprise you on how simple and easy it is to use. Our display was a real eye opener for quite a few individuals. It was not just the ease of use that turned heads, but also the maintenance of the AEDs as well. With 8 year warranties and batteries that last up to five years, we offer the full package.

During the two day event, Tom and Julie were asked numerous questions about AEDs but a few came up quite a bit:

Q – “Why do I need this device when I can just call 911?”
A – The answer is simple, on average it takes up to 9 minutes for EMS to arrive at the scene. By that time, survival rates can drop to nearly 10%. With an AED on hand a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest can be defibrillated almost immediately, which will give them a much higher chance of survival.

Q – “What kind of training do I need to use an AED?”
A – You don’t need any training whatsoever to operate an AED. The voice prompts will guide you and tell you all you need to know.

Q – “What about lawsuits, can I get sued for using this AED?”
A – Our Good Samaritan law protects bystanders who serve and tend injured persons from being prosecuted for wrongful death, unless they are found grossly negligent in their care.

AED education still has a ways to go. But hopefully we opened a lot of minds during those two days. Global Medical Services is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of AED programs. They are a very simple way to save lives, that’s the bottom line. Keep your eyes peeled for this sign:

BC Hospitality Expo 2011

The BC Hospitality Industry Conference & Expo  is almost upon us. If you are looking to learn about the latest industry trends, best practices for running your hospitality business and solutions to your business needs, this is the event for you.

Connect with your peers and enjoy networking with industry professionals from around the province and across the country. The 2011 Hospitality Expo brings together experts from the full spectrum of the hospitality industry to educate and inspire you to reach new heights in your business!

Iridia will be attending the Expo, so when you’re out and about don’t forget to stop by and say hi to the Iridia team! Tom and Julie will be there answering your questions and demonstrating AED units.

If you would like to learn how you can run a cost-effective AED program for your workplace then check out  Iridia @ booth #719. When you swing by our booth be sure to drop your business card off so you can receive special AED promo pricing offers and an invitation to free special events throughout the upcoming year.

** exhibit November 7 & 8 from 10:30AM-5PM**

Iridia is British Columbia’s sole distributor of Medtronic’s LIFEPAK AEDs and a regional distributor of Cardiac Science’s Powerheart G3 Plus AED. Both manufacturers are renowned for their use of leading-edge technology, the reliability of their units, and after purchase service provided. 

Additional Details:

November 7 & 8, 10:30AM-5PM
Vancouver Convention Centre- East
999 Canada Place (under the sails)