Shins and Needles – Intra-Osseous Placement

Intra-Osseous Placement

I came across this discussion point while perusing the medical blog world. The discussion revolves around the difficulties with pediatric Intra-Osseous needle placement and more so, keeping the needle in the bone.

Most of my experience with IO insertion and care has been on adults and rarely, actually never, have I witnessed an IO cannula dislodge or come out of an adult limb without the application of brute force. I understand this is not the case for children.


Intraosseous pediatric trainer

See this link for discussion about how best to secure an IO in pediatric patients.

Take home message; if you need to insert an IO, you need to make sure it stays in.

FYI: “cannula” is Latin for little reed

Intra-Osseous in action: