Iridia Medical Comes to Life

March 11th, 2013.

A day much like any other for most, but a day unlike any other for us. With the arrival of this day comes a mix of emotions for our entire team.

On the one hand, it is time to say goodbye to the name Global Medical Services (GMS) and the familiar heart rhythm logo to which we have grown so accustomed over the years. No longer will the GMS name and logo adorn our employee manuals, our educational handouts, or any other documents that our team produces. Indeed, the final paramedic daily report with a golden oval has been completed, reviewed, and filed for safe keeping.

On the other hand, we have cause for emphatic celebration! We are blessed with an incredibly rare opportunity to breathe life into a fresh new brand identity. But not just any brand identity – one into which we have poured our hearts and souls to develop over the past year and a half. One that we feel perfectly reflects who we are and what we represent. And, best of all, we have the chance to shape this new brand with the very same people that have made Global such a success.

So, while it is not easy saying goodbye to the GMS name which has served us so well over the years, we will forever be grateful for the memories and successes realized under it. And, as we look forward, we enthusiastically embrace a bright future under the Iridia Medical banner.

To kick things off, here are some of the biggest changes you’ll see:

  • The Iridia Medical name and logo, as pictured in this blog, will feature prominently on everything our team produces.
  • Enabling Peace of Mind is our new company tagline. 
  • We also have four new divisional taglines: We have a snazzy new website at that is filled with fresh new content, has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and allows for online purchasing of AED accessories and course registration. 
    • Tools to Save Lives (Products), 
    • The Right Care at the Right Time (Paramedics), 
    • Facilitating Practical Healthcare Solutions (Consulting), and 
    • Empowering People to Save Lives (Education).
  • Our Social Media accounts have been given a facelift. View these on the the menu to the right.

Beyond today, the year ahead will be exciting and frenetic as we write the first of many chapters in the story of the Iridia Medical brand. There are vehicles to be branded, divisional launch promotions/events to be held, and a great many more things to come. Stay tuned!

As we embark on this new journey, we invite you take it with us. Please let us know how we are doing. If any of our team members or a product/service we provide has made a difference to you, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get in touch — on every page of our website there is a blue banner along the bottom with a “Feedback” button. Simply hit it and fill in the form that pops up!

Here’s to a great first year with Iridia Medical!

Recent Changes at Iridia Prepare Company for Future Growth

Every young entrepreneurial company reaches a crossroad when it must position itself for long term sustainable growth. Our company reached that pivotal point toward the end of 2012 when Vern Biccum took on the role of President and Dr. Allan Holmes assumed the title of Founder.

When Iridia was founded in 1998 by Dr. Allan Holmes, he represented the entire workforce. Today, we have grown to include four divisions, each with its own team of staff. Indeed, things have gone well. We have been one of the province’s fastest growing firms for two years running, and have been very fortunate to see demand for services growing.

So why introduce a change?

We believe that all progressive companies make time for introspection. Honestly assessing the way in which a business is run, and confronting the reality of the findings is both healthy and prudent. When we assessed Iridia, the words of Good to Great author Jim Collins rang in our ears. He advocates strongly for having the right people on the bus (read “in the company”), and then figuring out where they should sit (read “what role they should fill”). Applied to Iridia, we recognized that we had selected members of our senior team that could benefit from a seat swap.


With more and more operational demands being made of Allan’s time, he wasn’t able to focus as much energy on his areas of expertise and passion. In the Founder role, Allan will be able to redirect his energies to these foci while Vern will apply his business acumen and strategic leadership to the running of the firm.

“This role change represents a natural transition which has been planned for the past couple of years”, says Allan. “I can provide much more benefit to the company by focusing on select areas such as Physician Engagement services and clearing the way for Vern to implement our long term growth strategy. It will also allow me to continue building a physician network and consulting team for the company.”

“We are leveraging our unique skills and interests to further build the company’s infrastructure and foundation,” says Vern. “Allan gets fired up by the challenges of healthcare and I want to make Iridia one of the top 100 companies in B.C. to work for. Allan will continue to support the business units at Iridia as his time allows. I see my challenges as focusing more on the actual organization, which includes helping our staff become more strategic and financially literate. I have a five-year plan to achieve these goals.”