Scanadu Scout – a Physical Exam in Your Pocket

Scanadu Scout

What is it?

The Scanadu Scout is an upcoming portable medical scanner inspired by the futuristic Tricorder you may remember from the Star Trek series (yes, this is true!). As an avid fan, I can only hope this device lives up to the Tricorder fabled Tricorder.

The scanner itself is designed for consumer use and will measure a variety of bodily functions then deliver the information right to your hands. Whether you are sick or well, the Scout can discover trends, spot side effects, catch problems early and track them.

A prototype was unveiled on Nov 29 2012 and was touted as being able to return five vital sign results with 99 percent accuracy in less than 10 seconds – not too bad for a device that fits in your palm. However, the device is not yet in stores. Scanadu says it hopes to make the Scout available by early 2015. It will be interesting to see what the Scout is capable of by then.


How does the Scanadu Scout Work?

You simply place the scanner on your forehead for 10 seconds and immediately the results are displayed on your smartphone via Bluetooth, and of course a companion app. The Scanadu Scout promises to give you access to valuable data which your body provides every day and will allow you to analyze, track, and trend your vitals with unprecedented simplicity.

The device creators mention the Scanadu Scout will detect medial problems early, decrease hospital readmissions and the cost of managing chronic conditions.

What does it Track?

This is the most important question and Scanadu delivers. The Scout is designed to measure a number of different physiological parameters:

Scanadu Scout

While it is still a little ways off, it’s not difficult to see the Scanadu Scount making its way into our offices (I bet Iridia staff would love to have one of these on hand!) and houses. If it delivers on its promises, we could all have access to information previously off-limits to the majority of us.