Driving Innovation With Our Mobile Medical Unit

In early 2013, Iridia accomplished one of its most innovative projects to date – the design, building and deployment of a mobile medical unit (MMU) in a remote oil and gas camp in Northeastern BC. 

The MMU is an industry first in British Columbia and was born out of the need for enhanced on-site medical treatment options for remote oil and gas camps.  During certain times of the year, evacuation of emergency or non-emergent patients can be impossible due to the weather conditions which then require the patient to remain in camp for extended periods of time.  With the deployment of the MMU, ill and injured workers can, in many cases, receive definitive care which enables them to stay in camp and avoid the hazards of transport to another medical facility.  

What exactly is the Mobile Medical Unit?

We like to describe the MMU as an RV on steroids!

It is a 53-foot trailer that expands to become a 1000 square foot workspace. It is fully equipped with equipment that would be found in a small hospital including a mini-lab, pharmacy, x-ray machine, and some of the latest diagnostic equipment, as well as with simple over-the-counter medications, antibiotics and narcotics for pain management. It is designed to house multiple patients for an extended period of time and is staffed 24/7 by an emergency trained physician. 

MMU Mobile Medical Unit MMU Mobile Medical Unit

By providing this facility in a remote camp, not only will it provide enhanced care for our patients, but it will also serve as an opportunity to study how this care model can impact the health and wellness of a camp population.

The Iridia MMU is one of only two mobile hospitals in British Columbia, with the other having been funded by the BC Government to support the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  It is one of our greatest accomplishments as a company and speaks to our values of innovation, teamwork and quality.