Warfarin or Warfar-out?


Warfarin or Warfar-out?: new stroke recommendations from American Heart Association andĀ American Stroke Association.

The AHA/ASA has released recommendations on the use of the new oral antithrombotic agents to prevent stroke in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

Head on over to theĀ theheart.org for an article which summarizes the advisory published in Stroke on August 2, 2012.


The Structure of Warfarin (Anticoagulant)

The relevance of this article is health care professionals will have more choices in oral anticoagulants and more patients will receive treatment.

The novel drugs are reportedly safer and do not require point-of-care blood tests to monitor INR values. All of this should hopefully add up to better stroke prevention in patients with nonvalvular afib.

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