Iridia Out on the Hunt

We’re now half way through the Global Corporate Challenge (two months left to go!), and the three Iridia teams (Blue Steel, Red Striding Hoods and Gold Karats) are still going strong.

The GCC is an online program that engages people in getting more active. The goal is for every participant to work up to 10,000 steps a day – learn more and check out our first GCC blog.

As of July 25th, we have a combined step count of 21,353,158 – or the equivalent of walking around the world .34 times. To honour everyone’s hard work and dedication we decided to host a “mid-point” celebration.

GCC Report

The Mid-Point Celebration

The idea was to put together a GCC themed event that would be loads of fun, incorporate our values, and of course, be “step heavy.” The result – an Iridia scavenger hunt to celebrate our accomplishments to date.

After hammering out the details, we created five new teams, each represented by a member from our three GCC teams. The event would be timed (1 hour or about 4.5k). Prizes would be handed out for teams accumulating the most points. And of course we had to create a set of rules to follow – because a scavenger hunt without rules can only lead to one thing: chaos.

The Rules

  • The event starts and ends at the Iridia office
  • Teams must leave and return together, and complete all the items on their clue sheets to be eligible for awards
  • All participants must note their start and end step counts
  • Teams must bring a camera for “evidence”
  • All teams will have the option of completing additional activities for bonus points
  • Teams taking more than 60 minutes to return will forfeit 50% of any bonus points earned

Available Awards

  • Greatest distance from our office
  • Reach the highest floor of a building
  • Collect the most business cards
  • Most AEDs found
  • Most people on a bicycle
  • Most Bonus Points Earned
  • Best Dressed Team
  • Highest Step Rate
  • Best Iridia Values Photo Contribution (snap a photo of anything, anyone or anywhere that reflects Iridia’s values)
  • Greatest Distance From Office

The Gallery

The Results

  • First Team Home – Nancy, Nick C and Beverly
  • Highest Step Average – Allan, Shannon and Steve, a rate of 340 steps per minute
  • Greatest Distance From the Office – Vern, Lexi and Diana, with 17 513 steps
  • Most Bonus Points Earned – Tom, Janine and Nick K, with 39 points earned from an incredible 30 business cards collected and an impressive 15 storey adventure!
  • Best Dressed Team – Allan, Shannon and Steve
  • Best Iridia Core Values Photo – Melissa, Julie and Derek, who snapped images of all 8 values

Combined Stats

  • Total distance covered by all teams – 49km
  • Average distance covered – 5103 steps, or over 3km per person
  • AEDs spotted in the wild – 3
  • Most people on a bike – 5
  • Total business cards collected – 106

With the event wrapped up – it’s fair to say the scavenger hunt was a huge success; we had many laughs, lots of great memories and of course we all surpassed the GCC 10,000 steps-per-day goal!  


TED – Three Worlds Coming Together.

Technology – Entertainment – Design (TED)

Recently our team at Iridia experienced the worlds of TED at our first ever TEDLive streaming event from February 28th to March 2nd. For four days, we had instant access to the world’s most inspiring voices.

Wait wait wait, let’s back up… Not in the know? Are you asking yourself “what is TED?” If so, you’ve missed a little step. Please read “When is a name more than a name” then head on back.


Back? Great, it’s time to tell you about our experience with TED 2012.

First, we needed to find a place to show the event live. We decided on our library room, or as the Iridia staff like to call it, “the Zensation Chamber.”

The “comfy couches” of the Zensation chamber.

Our library gave us just enough room for a few staff to sit back in our comfy chairs, put their feet up and watch TED in its full glory projected onto the wall.

Personally, my favorite talk was an eye opening talk by Brian Greene, which, also happened to be the first talk of the event. For 18 minutes Greene gave us a tour of the multiverse, a mind altering concept of the universe(s) in which we live.

From the discovery of expanding space to the mystery of string theory to a fuel so efficient it spawned multiple “big bangs.” I was hanging on every word.


Universes packed together in the “multiverse.”

It wasn’t all downhill from there though; TED 2012 was full of exciting content. Each talk was unique and gave the staff at Iridia insight into worlds they otherwise would be unaware of.

As TED says, “depending on the speaker and the topic, there could be: blizzards of images, new uses of music, extravagant use of under-used senses, intricate choreography between speaker and screen, new ways of involving the audience, breakthroughs in animation, and intense, campfire-style storytelling.

With TED, you never know what surprise is around the corner.

Here’s what some of our staff had to say:

  • “I thought it was great! I got to see things I normally wouldn’t have been able to.”
  • “I had never heard about TED before. Now that I have seen it, I have been missing out!”
  • “TED was a really great experience. I enjoyed learning about new subjects.”
  • “My only gripe is that I wish the talks were longer!”

All in all, it was an illuminating four days around the office.

Why did Iridia choose to stream TED 2012? Well, we are huge proponents of innovation; in fact, it is one of our 8 core values. We believe in a little thing called “living our values.” So, when the idea came forward to stream the world’s most innovative talks from our office, we jumped on the opportunity. It proved to be a great way to bring staff together, let their imagines run wild and have them discover fresh ideas.

As a team, we look forward to seeing what delights TED 2013 has to offer.

I leave you with this exceptional TED talk: