The GCC Comes to a Successful End!

GCC Walk

The GCC Journey

We’ve been walking, swimming, and biking for four months now, and on September 11th our four month corporate challenge with the GCC (Global Corporate Challenge) came to an end. It’s been quite a journey with 21 of our staff participating on three teams to try to achieve new fitness goals and step up the activity. The mantra for the GCC is “get the world moving” and that is in fact what they did.

This year, 37,432 teams from around the world (that’s 262,000 people!) participated in the Challenge. As this was Iridia’s first year we really didn’t know what to expect, but we were surprised, challenged and encouraged every step of the way.

The Challenge

The Challenge is exceptionally well structured, highly interactive and provides loads of tools, videos, assessments, posters, mini-challenges, awards and statistics to assist team captains in motivating their teams to keep striving to beat their best and up their steps. In addition, the online interface is literally like travelling around the world. As your team logs their steps each week, you “virtually” visit places around the world that are the equivalent of the steps you’ve taken. It was exciting to read about and see stunning photography of new places around the world and to see the distances we were covering as a team.


What was most fun was the community board, where you could post just about anything – acknowledge a personal success, ask a question, vent about something, celebrate your team’s accomplishments, or just share a story about a particular experience – and get responses from people all over the world. It really was a unique experience and added an interesting and “connecting” dimension to the whole process.

On the home front, there was plenty of friendly competition and hijinks between the three teams as gauntlets were thrown down, pranks were played, and team activities abounded during the four months of the challenge. It was just a lot of fun!

Iridia Team Stats

We are super proud of our three teams and what they accomplished, especially this being the first year. Here’s where our teams ended up in a number of categories:

GCC Stats

Our team’s experience with the GCC has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, here are some of the tangible results of the experience on our team:

  • 94% of staff now meet or exceed the recommended 10,000 steps per day, as compared to 19% before the event
  • 93% reported a positive impact on their relationship with exercise
  • 63% reported an improvement in their overall health level from before the GCC
  • 73% reported weight loss, with an average 11 pounds lost per person
  • 58% reported reduced levels of stress at work and at home
  • 71% reported increased overall energy

Supporting Health Initiatives

The GCC also partners with Unicef and raises funds during the challenge for health initiatives around the world. This year, 185 water pumps were purchased for communities who previously had no access to clean water. The people in these communities will experience greater health and opportunities because of this initiative. It felt great to be part of that as well!


The Wrap Up

On October 16th, representatives from the GCC will be joining us at the Iridia office for an end-of-event celebration. While they do this via video with all the companies who participated, not many get one in person, so we’re honoured to be chosen for this privileged visit. We’re looking to closing off our experience with a bang!

The GCC runs from May to September each year. If you’re looking for an exceptional health initiative that will engage your team in ways you never thought possible, consider signing up. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be competing against you!